I appeared for the first time in (1967) in 1967. The short wheelbase (standard body) and truck were performed a lineup of once, too, but they become extinct now, and it is long, and it is only super long shot, wagon, station wagon, commuter (microbus). Nissan, a caravan is the competing car model of many years.
The price is slightly high, but, besides, is used the passenger use such as pick-up bus jumbo taxi, the route bus community bus as special use cars such as an ambulance or the sleeping carriage unless I am used for many companies as a freight car, a company car including delivery to home business widely because there are many a durable aspect and engine power, load capacity. In addition, I have been used in a high-speed bus only in spite of being a specific day in the past (Hiroshima Tsuyama express).
By the personal use, I am used as a transporter transporting a motorcycle (road racer motocrosser) or the radio control airplane for the competition that is the tool of the hobby well and am useful as a base car of burning and the camper. Therefore "the store specializing in Hiaces exists in the used car shop, too".
Because the durability is high, the popularity in a rising nation and the developing country is particularly high. In conjunction with it, there is not the back no from theft and the smuggling in Japan by the car thief corps, too, and, in the findings for insurance payment cases by Marine and Fire Insurance Association of Japan, it is worst 1 of the car theft for 7 consecutive years from 2007.